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Web Design

Mage-Muse can create a strong selling-environment for your company. We'll find the right emotional tone, and create a highly-professional look and feel for your brand. But, great graphics aren't enough. To be most effective, your website's fluent and attractive design must incorporate the principles of Web usability.


Web designers often become enamored with their work. But design for design's sake could have unfortunate consequences in the form of lost visitors, abandoned carts, and lost sales. Design and layout should guide and support user actions, so the sale is most likely to be completed Questions?


We'll conduct research into your specific market to discover who its leaders, the visual language of your industry, and what separates you from your competitors. We’ll rely on your input and suggestions during this phase to form opinions about important “soft” factors like color, imagery, and fonts. View Our Process


Mage-Muse can create a website for your business or organization that's not only dynamic, but one that incorporates well-established principles of usability. Style is important. So is emotion, branding, and message. But, an effective Web design must always consider the needs of its end-users. We start from this premise. Questions?


We'll make sure your site's coding can be properly indexed by Google and other search engines. This includes valid coding using HTML5 and CSS3, no frames or Flash, "cleanable" URLs, proper use of breadcrumbs, 301 redirects, H1 and H2 tags, indexible slideshows, and other important SEO considerations. Questions?


61% of customers have a more favorable opinion of mobile-optimized websites. Responsive design means that your website can “see” each visitor’s screen size and adapt to it in real time. If your eCommerce website isn’t currently mobile friendly, you might be frustrating a significant percent of shoppers who are deciding whether or not to do business with you. Questions?

Template sites don't move merchandise. There are 1000s of free and cheap Magento templates available for download. But, boilerplate designs erodes trust and decrease perceived value. Our comprehensive design process ensures that every Magento theme we create uniquely communicates your company's core values, brand personality, and strengths. Questions?


Responsive design means that no matter what device your visitors use, they get the optimal view of your website. Whether visiting by mobile phone, tablet device, laptop, or a large desktop monitor, your website "adapts" in real time. This means more than just resizing graphics: it means your website reorganizes navigation and page content according to each visitor's screen size.



Tranform Agency builds the specific functionality you need for your business. We don't do "template sites." Whether your business uses complex business rules, has multiple user types, or ties into existing backend software, we'll create an effective solution. Magento runs 26% of the top eCommerce sites on the Web, as measured by




Our goal is to create a ecommerce site that converts visitors into buyers, increases registered users, creates repeat visitors (who bookmark the site), and is a profitable online sales channel. We'll conduct research into your specific industry to discover (among other things) who are the market leaders, what is the visual language of your industry, and what separates your brand from your competitors.


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